About us

HIRMS PharmaCeuticals is an EGYPTIAN company

HIRMS PharmaCeuticals is an EGYPTIAN company, was founded in 2013, HIRMS has committed itself to health as a central human legacy, our declared objective is to Improve and sustain health with reliable medical solutions for the physician and also for his patient because the main focus of HIRMS is the patient. Our passion is to introduce a safe and effective products which are absolutely user-friendly and of an uncompromisingly high quality.
HIRMS PharmaCeuticals team has an extensive experience in the field of pharmaceutical products sales, marketing and distribution, with several cultures of multinational companies in Egypt and MENA Region.
We come from many backgrounds and do different things, but we all strive to deliver on the same promise: finding new ways to create a healthier future.
This is the common goal that unites and guides us at HIRMS


Health Improvement through Reliable Medical solutions


HIRMS focus mainly on the patient, HIRMS PharmaCeuticals is aiming to the perfection at its finest to serve the patient in the best way, HIRMS is looking forward a healthy community, we accomplish this through our partnership with a big trusted firms offering a highly quality pharmaceuticals, this encourage us to offer the best service for a healthy community as well as a healthy people .

Performance is our passion

We view the independence of the company and the employees as the foundation for our performance. The ability and commitment of our employees are the guarantee for this performance. We stimulate positive teamwork with a clear, result-oriented approach and the obligation to individual responsibility. Our management culture is characterized by mutual respect and co-operation, and by a communication and information structure based on trust and openness.

Partnership and engagement are our work ethic

The partnership and engagement with our customers, employees, sales partners and suppliers is an all-embracing partnership. Partnership and its ability to withstand stress and pressure are only then possible if the partners involved have confidence in each other. We are committed to gaining and building on the trust and confidence of all our partners. It is the goal of this partnership to establish a long-term alliance with our customers. And it is the nature of the relationship with our employees which gives this goal credibility. Our employees, as people, are central to our philosophy, and we respect their individuality.


1 - Ethics & Integrity

-We are committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity inside and outside the corporate.
- We are doing what is right for our customers, our communities, and ourselves.
- We are committed to operate ethically, to take responsibility for our actions, to follow through on commitments, to communicate in an honest and authentic manner, and to respect confidentiality.

2- Access to health

We aspire to improve the health and wellness of people in our community by expanding to our pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products.


- We are committed to excellence — in the results we achieve and in how we achieve them.
- We are committed to Meeting the needs and striving to exceed the expectations of those we serve through continuous improving.

4-Respect people

-We promote a diverse culture and commitment to mutually respect our employees, our customers and our communities.
-We are committed to treat others with dignity and respect, to embrace and encourage new ideas, to cultivate individual talents, to celebrate achievements, to foster an environment of trust, to encourage open and honest dialogue, and we put our PEOPLE first, to serve our customer best.

5- Collaboration, team work

- We value teamwork — working together to achieve common goals is the foundation of our success.
- We encourage our employees to be flexible and responsive , to think and work across boundaries , to share knowledge and information freely ,to seek input and listen , and to take personal ownership for collaborating with others.


We have high standard goals. So we are always ACT and drive our business in different and ethical manners to achieve THE PERFECTION AT ITS FINEST .